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Brown Thrasher 2014
Posted on 6/30/2014.

In partnership with the Georgia Tech Research Institute and the Guardian Centers of Georgia, Eagle was proud to support Georgia Emergency Management Agency, Office of Homeland Security’s Exercise Brown Thrasher 2014 (BT2014) which was held from June 16-20, 2014 in Perry, Georgia.  Eagle’s support to BT2014 included exercise design, development, execution, and evaluation.  The exercise was a complex, full-scale counterterrorism exercise that involved over five hundred players from fourteen State and local agencies.  BT2014 provided a week-long, operations-based terrorist scenario to exercise operational coordination, integration and interoperability of Georgia’s Counter-Terrorism Task Force with partner State and local agencies.  The Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP)-designed exercise simulated a hostile non-state group using assault and other tactics to conduct strikes on vulnerable targets in and around a notional city in Georgia.  During the exercise, agencies were challenged by coordinated small arms attacks, improvised explosive devices, suicide bombers, chemical weapons, collapsed structures, and terrorist use of fire as a weapon—all within the Guardian Center’s world class and realistic training facility.  BT2014 exercised and evaluated the State of Georgia’s capability to conduct counterterrorism operations potentially in multiple locations and in all environments under the Interdiction and Disruption Core Capability identified by the National Preparedness Goal.  BT2014 was preceded by a HSEEP-formatted tabletop exercise that included the leadership of several State agencies and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Eagle takes great pride in being associated with the State of Georgia’s vision and leadership in preparing the nation to combat terrorism.  For exericse photos, click here.

Brown Thrasher 2014
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