Security investigation groups need a secure and scalable tool to meet their collaboration & documentation needs.

Security investigation groups need a secure and scalable tool to meet their collaboration & documentation needs.

The Eagle iCMS was built for this purpose. Our architecture, design and workflows encapsulate best practices from decades of experience from professionals who have served in the highest levels of US law enforcement. With the iCMS, you’re ensuring your company’s risk mitigation process is handled the way the pros would do it – with the highest degree of care, professionalism and discretion.

Designed for use across industries and organizations of varying sizes, the iCMS is easy to use for employees and internal leadership teams including security, legal, HR and executives.

Case-by-Case, Manage Ongoing Investigations & Mitigate Risk

The iCMS provides a comprehensive solution to protect the enterprise from unseen challenges, routine incidents and serious threats. Our software finds linkages among case data that would previously go unnoticed.

  • Accidents
  • Code of Conduct Violations
  • Corruption
  • Discrimination
  • Fraud
  • Grievances
  • Harassment
  • Patent and Trademark Policing
  • Physical Security Incidents
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Workplace Misconduct
  • Workplace Injury
  • Information Security & Data Breaches
  • Other OSHA-reportable Incidents

See an increase in productivity as the streamlined iCMS custom workflows allow people to do more in less time. Careful tracking and thorough case management and investigation equates to reduced litigation costs, lower fines and better protected employees & assets. The iCMS is a tool that eliminates paperwork and provides a secure trail of documentation; it’s convenient and customizable for your company’s unique needs.

Powerful Features

Multi Media Data Management

Can manage (store, index, reference, retrieve) an unlimited amount of data in any format (video, audio, photos, documents)

API Abilities

API plug and play – the application can ingest from or into other apps (Tableau, Timely, etc.)

Mobile Accessibility

Via any/all devices including offline storage and forward accessibility.


Full reporting capabilities with interactive charts AND 3rd party integration with Tableau and other tools

Best in Class Hosting

Fully managed and secured US based data centers allow for scalability, multi-site data backups and data recovery

Customer Service

Dedicated, responsive, trustworthy and honest customer service. We keep track of customers and take care of routine tasks