Security investigation groups need a secure and scalable tool to meet their collaboration and documentation needs.

Eagle’s ECMS is a customizable case management system that allows for a high degree of customization while delivering best in class security, scalability and availability

Mobile accessibility

  • Via any/all devices (can extend into app capability for offline store
    and forward access)

API abilities

  • API plug and play – the application can ingest from or into other apps
    (Example: Timely, Expensify, Tableau, etc)

Web extensions

  • Extend accessibility to any actor globally, outside the org
  • Collect data anywhere: submit tickets, incidents
  • Publish data anywhere/anytime: reports, charts, data

Multi-media data management

  • The ECMS can manage (store, index, reference, retrieve) an unlimited amount of data in any format (video, audio, photos, documents)

Best in class hosting

  • Fully managed, fully secured US based data centers allow for
    scalability, multi-site data backups, data recovery


  • Full reporting capabilities with interactive charts AND 3rd party integration with Tableau and other tools

Customer Service

  • Dedicated, responsive, trustworthy and honest customer service.

Technical Support

  • Comprehensive and knowledgeable technical support.